Goddess Lakshmi – Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance

Brightest Blessings My Dear Friends,

We’ve all heard of the Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance. Goddess Lakshmi gives us power over the material world. She fills us up with abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

January 2nd of 2014 is the second lunar day (second day of the New Moon) and day of the Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore it is the best day to activate the reflection and energy of the Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth in ourselves.

I wanted to post this today, so you have a few days to prepare and gather information about the Goddess. And to help you,  here are my Book of Shadows Pages about the Great Goddess Lakshmi that includes an excellent ritual to attract the flow of abundance into your life! It will create a field of possibilities around yourself and help you to become confident in your goals!

And remember working the Lakshmi’s energy is important not only for your wealth but also for the harmonious relationships.

Goddess Lakshmi information page 1
Goddess Lakshmi information page 1


Goddess Lakshmi information page 2
Goddess Lakshmi information page 2

To download these beautiful pages in high resolution, please click on the following link: https://lapuliabookofshadows.com/magick-spells-pages-gallery/

Always Yours,

Rita Digilova and Everyone at LaPulia Studio


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