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At LaPulia Studio, we specialize in creating Custom Grimoires and Books of Shadows. Our bookbinding process allows us to personalize your Magic Grimoire to your specifications. Our occult bookstore has rare Ancient Books, Witchcraft Books, Magic Grimoires, Original Wiccan Book of Shadow, and Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire. Look through LaPulia’s collection, and if you need help, give us a call or email, and we will gladly help you.

Below you can find a collection of Customizable Grimoires

Shop Customizable Grand Grimoires

Grand Grimoire is a large magical book that contains several books bound into one tome. These magical tomes can be personalized with magic book content choices that you can choose from. Also, you can select from various book cover designs that can be adapted to your needs.

Grand Grimoires
Red Dragon Grimoire - Custom Grimoire - Personalized Magic Grimoire

Shop for Ancient Occult Grimoires, Spell Books, and Black Magic Books

These Ancient Occult Spell Books and Magic Grimoires are hardbound and hand-sewn using LaPulia Studio’s unique techniques. Our methods enable each spell book to serve its owner and descendants for centuries. As such, these ancient books are one-of-a-kind collector’s items.

These beautiful Occult Books contain magic spells, rituals, Occult laws of the practice of magic, and black magic and voodoo information.

Our Ancient Occult Spell Books section is steadily growing. However, if you do not find the book you are looking for, please get in touch with us here. And we will gladly help you with your search and would love to add a new book to our collection by custom-making one for you.

Best Selling Customizable Grimoires

LaPulia With Books of Shadows

LaPulia founder Rita Digilova with her Grimoires

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