Confidence in Magickal works

Confidence in Magickal Works

In this article I want to talk about confidence in our magickal works and how to increase it.

Sorcery, witchcraft, healing, any kind of knowledge in occult and psychological techniques – are enormous responsibilities. Too many folks who have chosen this way at some point stop and think: is this the right way for me? Do I really need all this? Will I be able to move further?

This is the nature of any human; to us, this is a gift and curse at the same time. Often, the gift itself makes the required burden unbearable. So, in this article, I want to talk about how to maintain confidence in our craft.

First of all, lets accept that fact (and most of you probably already did) that there are many things we can do within the craft. We can predict possible outcomes using Tarot cards or another mantic system, by doing this we can provide people with hints to the solution to their problem. We can, by carrying out a ritual and/or by performing a psychodrama, create the desired reality for ourselves. By casting a spell we can heal or hurt a person. We can influence anything. And the ability to influence gives us a power. The combination of power and magic is an impenetrable membrane, which gives even more possibilities.

However, we have to remember that whatever we send out comes back. I am not even talking about the Wiccan Threefold Law. One of Newton’s Laws of Motion clearly states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, it is your way – and only you will reap the rewards of your own magic. We magickal folks are responsible for any and all consequences that our magick brings.

Most true occultists, witches, wizards, and other magickal folks are aware about the responsibility of our actions and, therefore, fear the consequences of their magick. I am one of them.

Now think about the fears. It is known that victory over our fears increases our confidence. Remember, the old good saying: “Feel your fears, but do it anyway?” Well, I want to give you an example that should help you to understand that magickal results should be viewed under many different angles and not just one.

Some time ago I received a letter from one of my clients about a young lady, a beginner in witchcraft, who had cast a spell for her very ill aunt who was suffering from colon cancer of the third degree. The day after the spell, her aunt’s little guinea pig died. I should mention that the young lady was taking care of the pet while her aunt was in the hospital. She believed that her spell caused its death, so she blamed herself and declared that the craft is harmful. She refused to talk about it, learn about it, and associate herself with it in any matter.

The fact that the doctors unexpectedly succeeded in treating her aunt did not really matter to her. Everyone, including her aunt, believes that her magick was very successful. However, all that the young lady thinks about is the harm that the magick created. Nothing can convince her to look at the result from a different perspective, like the positivity of her aunt’s cancer being in remission. Because of this, her aunt decided to send me a letter and ask if I can help this young lady regain her confidence.

The consequences, such as a pet’s death, and how to minimize them, are greatly explained in my Academy Books and Protection Grimoire.

However, the purpose of this article is to help you to gain more confidence and one of the ways is to look at the world from different angles and through different lenses. While it is important to understand the consequences of the spell or ritual that was performed, it is equally important to measure magickal acts by the successful result. In this particular case, the young lady’s aunt was healed.

Of course, please love what you do. Over time the interest in the craft may decrease and it is normal if the craft is not in one’s blood. Sometimes it is advisable to take time to relax and do something else, as “witchcraft by force” deprives one of energy and interferes with normal existence.

The most important thing is that the craft should bring happiness and satisfaction in your abilities. So, believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

© Rita Digilova 2010


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