Jovan, our Master Bookmaker is making a Full Charmed Replica Book of Shadows – the complete version that has 989 pages including pages that were shown on the TV’s Book of Shadows (for ex. Awakening Spell) and pages that were never shown (ex. Guardian of the Urn). All pages featured in the TV’s Book of Shadows are exact copies of the originals (they are not fan-made, but actual photocopies from the original television’s Book of Shadows). Pages that aren’t featured in the TV’s Book of Shadows are made by our artists, using information from the show, mythology, fairy tales, etc. These pages beautifully created in the same style as the rest of the Charmed Book of Shadows pages.

We are making only ONE Charmed Book of Shadows Full Edition with 989 Pages available for this Holiday Season! 

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own this unique Limited EditionFull Version of Charmed Book of Shadows.

To peek inside this wonderful Book, see more images and pages, please click on the following image:

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