Our own version of the “Book of the Dead – Amun-Ra” contains a reproduction of the original scrolls of the Papyrus of Ani with English translation. “The Papyrus of Ani” was discovered by E. A. Wallis Budge in 1888 and currently is located at the British Museum. Even though the first section of this book is reproductions of the original manuscript, the second part contains my own interpretation, making it easier for you to understand this ancient text.
Both the lock and the key are in working order: the lock has a turning mechanism that gives the key the ability to open and close the Book.Without the lock, the Book cannot be opened.
We had a very interesting experience when creating this Book (a story for later on), and, therefore, have decided to release this Book as part of a Special Edition Release.
We invite collectors, scholars, and student of magic and ancient Egypt to peruse for more information and add this spectacular tome to their collections. To view more pictures of this magnificent tome, please click on two images below:

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