Mermaid’s Treasure Book of Shadows and Magic Grimoire

Mermaid’s Treasure Book of Shadows and Magic Grimoire design is one of our most popular designs and has been one of our best sellers for over a decade. Whatever the book contents you are looking to bind within this Grimoire. You have made the right choice by choosing Mermaid’s Treasure Grimoire cover design.

The “Mermaid’s Treasure” Book of Shadows and Magic Grimoire is a beautiful tome bound in top-grade Italian leather. It also features genuine freshwater pearls on its cover.

As we all know, Water is the primary element in life creation. LaPulia Studio makes this Grimoire to awaken the Element of Water and harness its energy and life-giving force.

When we pay attention to the element of Water, we notice that it awakens many different energies at different times. It can be refreshing and packed with the beginning of new life in the spring, abundant like the deep sea during the summer season, calming and peaceful during the fall, and forceful and violent during a winter storm or frozen in the cold. All of these qualities are brought forth by this Element of Water. For this reason, The Element of Water is said to awaken intuition, compassion, clairvoyance, and understanding. This force also brings the ability to see things more clearly. Call it psychic, if you will.

Mermaids Treasure Practical Magic Grimoire in the Large 11″ x 14″ inches size.

Your Mermaid’s Treasure Book of Shadows and Magic Grimoire may contain one of several book contents we offer:

Original Wiccan Book of Shadows, Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire, or a Blank Book of Shadows, your Personal Magic Journal.

Choose your Book of Shadows or Grimoire Content

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