We can re-wire our brain to think in the certain way. Neuroscientists say “nerve cells that fire together, wire together.” So, if we repeatedly think and act in the same exact way, every single day for 30 days, we will actually re-train (or re-wire) our brain for a certain hardwired pattern. And eventually it will become a part of our own general thinking pattern.

This “30 days brain re-wiring” works! I tested it myself some years ago and after seeing incredible results, I started to implement it for myself and my clients as well.

People complain that it is difficult in the beginning to make yourself repeat certain actions, but here is where the power of will comes into play.

Saying all of these, I shall start a new series of articles named “Way of the Magus”. It will be a sequel to a previously written series “Way of the Hero”. Here is the link to the complete series “Way of the Hero”

Once the Hero comes back home from his journey, he brings certain gift to his people. But here is the hint: Once our Hero realized that he is a Hero – he stops being one… That same moment he recognized himself as a Hero, he moved up the step on the ladder of his personal conscious evolution and became a Magus.

So, who is the Magus? Magus is not a Hero anymore, therefore I will not map his journey through the Tarot Cards (as we did with the Hero).Magus knows how to use the power of his mind and body to create. Magus is a Creator of his Reality.

Since Creation happens on three levels: mind/body/spirit, we will implement my “30 for 30 mind/body/spirit” technique to realize Magus’ powers.

To find out his ways, I shall take you along on the journey of the “Way of the Magus”.

NOTE: Please be patient with me as I need some time to write the series… As soon as each one becomes available it will be posted on:

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